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Unattended remote access to your desktop for faster resolutions


Our support team is an essential addition to your business and we are available to offer advice and assistance as part of our telephone helpdesk. We are ready to resolve your IT issues as needed. 

24/7 monitoring and a proactive approach ensures that issues will be raised and in the process of being rectified, before a call is made to us. We realise that it is not just about the type of service but also about the reliability of the service.

The helpdesk facility acts as an initial point of contact through which issues can be reported and service requests made. It gives you direct access to our support centre. With links to your IT environment, econker can view your IT network status at all times, leading to a speedy resolution. 

Our IT support services are trusted by businesses all around the UK and with our flexible solutions, you can decide exactly what your business needs.

We work with you to resolve everyday IT issues and liaise with key service providers on your behalf, leaving you to look after your core business.

Contract Support

Fixed low monthly costs for effective IT support

Contract support ensures that our staff are always ready, available and your call to us is treated with the utmost priority. All at an affordable monthly cost allowing you to budget and get to grips with your IT spend.

Remote Support

Remote Support for your business

Remote support gives our customers the assurance that issues are resolved in a manner which is both timely and convenient to them.

Pay as you go support

If you prefer adhoc services, no problem, we can do that also.

We understand that some organisations prefer a reactive support service and to pay as and when they need support, no problem, give us a call for more information and see how we can make that possible for you.

Proactive Monitoring

A remote insight into your local network

With links into your IT environment, we can view your IT network status at all times, leading to a speedy resolution

support desk

direct access to our support desk to track raised tickets

With direct access into our helpdesk you can monitor progress of issues that have been raised by your staff and it's an easy way to communicate with us.

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